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Flooding after a Storm in Basement

Storm Water? We can help!

When rain comes, some clients call ahead so they can ensure we are ready to handle their basement flooding after a large storm.  This basement sustained some storm water.  We were there to help and remediate it quickly.  If this sounds like you, don't worry, call SERVPRO of Media.  We can help! 

Board Up after a Fire

Board Up after a Fire!

After a fire you need to protect your property.  We perform board up services and tarping services on residential and commercial properties after a fire.  Call SERVPRO of Media to protect your home.  610-566-5720.

Storm Damage in Room

Water Damage from a Storm? SERVPRO of Media can help!

Water damage from a storm in this basement was quickly extracted and the drywall was cut to prevent future mold growth.  Our highly skilled technicians are a phone call away.  Call us for your water damage needs.

Water in Ceiling

Water Trapped in a Kitchen Ceiling can be Upsetting!

A water damage from a bathroom above can create stress.  No one knows that better than SERVPRO of Media.  If water damage mitigation is performed quickly, we can prevent mold from forming creating more costly issues.  It is the water that you don't see that creates the most issues.  Call SERVPRO of Media for your water damage needs.  610-566-5720.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage in Newtown Square, PA

Water damage can strike at any time of day.  SERVPRO of Media is here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...366 days during a leap year!  Call the trusted professionals who can handle the water you see and the water that you do not see. SERVPRO of Media 610-566-5720.

Fire Affected Room

Fire and Soot are our Specialty!

We do fire very well! The competition has nothing on our detailed fire training.  We perform excellent inventory and cleaning services for homes that have been soot and fire affected. Our technicians take details to a whole new level.  We perform demo of the affected areas.  Pack out the contents after we clean them, and store the contents for you until your repairs are complete.  

No job is too large for SERVPRO of Media.  Call us when you, your friends, or your family have a fire damage.  We are here to help!

Kitchen with Water Damage

Kitchen Water Damage? Not a problem.

This home in Wallingford, PA sustatined a heavy water damage after a second floor pipe broke and poured water down into this kitchen.  The homeowner knew how to call to mitigate these damages.  Call SERVPRO of Media when your Wallingford, PA home floods.  We are experts in our field and can het your home back together. 

Wet carpet

Wet Carpet in Newtown Square, PA

Wet carpet and pad after a water damage can cause mold if untreated.  Often the pad creates a moisture barrier and holds moisture.  It is the water that you don't see that can be the biggest issue.  Call SERVPRO of Media to assess your water damages quickly.  

Soot on Concrete Block Wall

Commercial Fire Damage in Media, PA

SERVPRO of Media helped this client clean their warehouse after a fire occurred.  We arrived onsite quickly and created a plan to work while keeping the clients operations open.  Call SERVPRO of Media to help when you have a commercial fire in your building.  

Water Leaking from Sink Drain

Do you have a Water Damage in your Kitchen?

This a common situation.  A pipe underneath a sink has a small leak, that turns into a large leak.  We handle kitchen water damages everyday.  We are here to help in your time of need.  Call SERVPRO of Media.  Your trusted remediator for three decades. 

Wood Floors Storm Water Damaged? We can try and save them!

Wood floors with Floor Drying Mats

When storm water affected these hardwood floors, we went right to our floor drying system for help! Our floor drying system removes trapped moisture beneath the floors without removing the floors.  Call SERVPRO of Media to schedule an inspection and try and save your water damaged floors!

Sewage backup in Basement, OH NO!

Sewage Backup in Basement

Sewage backups in basements are no fun! This home had a sewage line collapse sending sewage back into their home. If sewage backs up in your Newtown Square home, call Media's trusted remediation company for almost 30 years, SERVPRO of Media.

Storm Damage is HARD!  But we make it easier!

Tree hit home, created siding damage

This home had a tree suddenly hit the side of their home during a storm in Broomall, PA.  We arrived onsite, assessed the damages and quickly boarded up the roof openings and tarped the home to prevent further damage. 

We Can Help After the Storm - Tree Removal and Tarping Services

Tree being Removed after the Storm

We not only handle the interior damages.  We handle the exterior damage too.  We can remove the tree from your home and tarp the roof if the tree created and openings in your roof.  We provide board up services to protect your property, day or night. Call SERVPRO of Media to help!  Your Newtown Square home is important to us!

Local Career Fair - Media, PA

We are growing! Career Fair in Media, PA

Our Marketer, Molly, was at the career fair in Media, PA seeking out new applicants for our growing franchise.  Apply today if you are looking for a new career path in restoration!

Fire Affected Home in Norwood, PA

Fire damaged home in Norwood, PA

This is an image of a fire in Norwood, PA.  The home was engulphed in flames and smoke was very heavy running up the walls to the other two floors.  We completed a full fire remediation and complete rebuild of the property. Call SERVPRO of Media.  We remediate fire extremely well and can help you get your life back to normal, and restore your home to it's original state.

Fire Affected Home

Fire damaged home

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Norwood, PA. This was an electrical fire that quickly filled the home with smoke on all three floors.  We completed all of the fire remediation and full reconstruction of the home.  Call SERVPRO of Media when you need help with a fire damage at your home.  We can help make it "Like it never even happened." 610-566-5720

Big Box store had a Water Damage.

Springfield, PA Store had a Water Damage

A local store had a water damage from a sprinkler head.  We arrived quickly and efficiently mitigated the water damage after hours.  We extracted the water and set drying equipment, so they could open and service customers in the morning.  Call us for your water damage needs 24/7/365.

Unique Containment for Roof Leak!

Unique Containment for Roof Leak!

We created this cylinder for the roof leak to drain into a trash can so this commercial property could keep their business open, while drying the office with dehumidification.  At SERVPRO of Media, we do whatever it takes to keep businesses open during a water damage event. 

Do not worry! Help Has Arrived.

Help Arrived at this Commercial Water Loss

When you see this green truck arrive, know that you are in good hands.  At SERVPRO of Media we pride ourselves on getting onsite quickly to assess and perform water, fire and mold remediation services. Contact us confidently and we can help get you back to normal 24/7/365.

New Production Wrap

New Production Vehicle!

We added this awesome wrapped vehicle to our fleet!  We love keeping it green! Our wraps are fun and you can spot them a mile away.  We are ready and waiting to assist you with your fire and water damage.  We provide board up services to fires in need of protection of windows and doors.  Let us help you in your time of need.  

Garage in Newtown Square, PA

Garage Mold Remediation in Springfield, PA

Choose SERVPRO of Media to remediate your mold in your home.  This client was extremely happy that we were able to complete water and mold remediation services quickly in their home.  We have the right equipment, no matter the size of the job.  

Stair Trim in Newtown Square, PA

Stair Trim and Molding in Newtown Square, PA

Sometimes water damage signs are subtle.  You need a trained professional with the right tools and skilled eye to spot water damage.  Sometimes water may not directly affect an area, but the humidity created by the water damage creates damages in other ways, like in this Newtown Square, PA home. The stair trim was all swollen after water damage ravaged this home due to a dishwasher line leak in the kitchen.  Call SERVPRO of Media when you have a water damage at 610-566-5720.  We can help locate all of the areas affected by your water damage.  

The exterior of the building is shown with very bad fire damage.

McDonalds Fire in Eddystone, PA

This photo shows the exterior of a McDonalds in Eddystone, PA that suffered a fire. The fire started inside of the building, and caused substantial exterior fire damage and interior smoke damage. SERVPRO of Media quickly helped this McDonalds get back to business by eliminating the smoke and soot, and repairing the structural damage.

Knee-high water is shown in an unfinished basement.

Flooded Basement in East Norriton, PA

This basement in East Norriton, PA flooded, leaving the entire basement with knee-high water throughout. Luckily, SERVPRO of Media were called out to assess and mitigate the damage. We quickly arrived onsite and were able to extract all of the water in only a few hours!

A few of our technicians are shown working to eliminate the soot that was left from the fire.

Restoring an Animal Hospital After a Fire

This animal hospital in Newtown Square suffered an unfortunate dryer fire, which caused a heavy odor and soot to affect the entire building. Luckily, the hospital workers were able to quickly get all of the animals out to safety! SERVPRO of Media began work the same day we were called out to quickly get the building back in working order.

One of our skilled technicians is shown fogging a commercial building with disinfectant.

Servicing Businesses and Commercial Buildings Throughout COVID-19

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, SERVPRO of Media has been helping many businesses through our cleaning services! We provided service to this Mini Cooper dealership, which included fogging the building with disinfectant and thoroughly wiping down all touch points and horizontal surfaces.

A fallen tree is shown along with damage to the roof of the house.

Fallen Tree in Broomall, PA

Recently our area was hit with an incredibly destructive storm. We received tons of calls for help with tree damage, with this being one of them. SERVPRO of Media worked quickly to get the tree removed, the roof tarped, and ultimately the interior water damage mitigated!

Sticky black soot is shown covering walls and items in a basement.

Puffback in Newtown Square, PA

At first glance, you would think there were black cobwebs in this photo! In reality, this is the extreme result of a furnace puffback. After a puffback, soot can cover everything in your home. This includes walls, curtains, furniture, etc. Soot is not just powdery; it is sticky and black due to oil, which makes it incredibly difficult to clean without proper tools and training. SERVPRO of Media was called out to this particular puffback, and immediately began working hard to restore the home.

Two air movers are shown underneath the carpet in a basement that sustained a water damage.

Basement flood in Broomall, PA

See how the air movers (one of the many different types of drying equipment we use!) are placed under the carpet? This is a drying technique known as “floating.” This method involves loosening the carpet in some places to allow our air movers to blow warm, dry air underneath of the carpet while other air movers blow air across the top. There are some instances where we have to remove the carpet, but we always attempt to dry in place first.